Wholesale Purchase receiving

Shipbunny is capable of receiving pallets and containers from vendors that you make your purchase from. (No extra charge for Pallet receiving) You may track your available and damaged inventory live through your dashboard!

Amazon Fba Shipments

ShipBunny works with Amazon directly (Supply Chain Connect) to send your shipments to FBA! Automation through SCC saves time for both our customers and us so we focus on what is important which is speed & precision!

B2B Solutions

Selling your products in bulk? Shipbunny is capable of shipping pallets or small parcels to any destination within U.S. This process is automated through our dashboard within 2 clicks! You may use our discounted deals with no extra charge or use your own shipping.

Simple One Rate Storage Fee!

Store your products at ShipBunny warehouses and send it to FBA as needed! With 24 hour security, Air Conditioning climate controlled, fully insured and $0.32 per cu/ft year around! That's up to 90% more cost effective than Amazon storage!