Easy & Fast Receiving

Found your profitable product online? Purchase and send them to ShipBunny by using our state of the art dashboard! We inspect, count and stock your products on the same day of receiving for FASTER turnaround!

8-hour Prepping & FBA Compliance

We understand that prepping is the most critical part of the process and we are proud that we have zero non-compliant shipments to Amazon FBA! Moreover, most of our shipment requests are ready prepping within the same day of your order! (order requests must be placed before 1 p.m. central time / exclude weekends)

Automated FBA shipments

Sending your products to FBA warehouses has never been easier! ShipBunny works with Amazon directly (Supply Chain Connect) to send your shipments to FBA. Using the “share shipment” function through SCC enables ShipBunny to add the contents for that shipment, enter box dimensions, purchase shipping labels and finalize your order!

Returns to Vendors

For any reason whether you were gated for a product or change your mind about sending your inventory to Amazon FBA, ShipBunny will help you return your items back to the original vendors.

Dedicated Shelving and Storage

Our OA customers will never have to calculate cu/ft of their items for storage fees! We have an unlimited storage space for OA business model that enables you to get free shipping during your membership!

FREE Bunny Membership

Without any set up fees and minimum orders our monthly $9.99 membership gives the members unlimited storage for their products. Members who ship 100 products to our facility within a particular month get a FREE membership for that month and still use our unlimited storage!