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Fulfillment fees and prices
1-299 Monthly Orders 300-999 Monthly Orders 1000+ Monthly Orders
$2.00 /order
$1.90 /order
$1.80 /order
Software Integration
Software Integration  
ShipBunny is proudly partnered with Shipstation to process your fulfillment orders.
  Receiving / Inspection
Receiving / Inspection  
A picture will be sent to you if a damaged product is received! For stacked and palatalized products individual inspection is impossible. Detailed inspections requires a "Better inspection" Fee!
  Dunnage (Packing Supplies)
Dunnage (Packing Supplies)  
Any material that needs be used as a cushion to protect your products during shipping is included with our fulfillment fee.
  Additional Items Per Order
Additional Items Per Order $0.50 $0.45 $0.40
  Promotional Inserts
Promotional Inserts  
Promotional inserts are glossy and in color and our minimum printing is 1000 pieces!
$0.20 $0.20 $0.15
  Returned Items
Returned Items  
Shipbunny collaborates with your return policies. Any returns will be inspected by us and depending on the condition will be moved to your "available" or "damaged" stocks.
$2.00 $2.00 $2.00
ShipBunny pays for your shipping fees 15 days or 1-month credit bases depending on your value/quantity of your products. At the end of the credit term fulfillment fees will be charged to your saved payment method on our file!
Cost Determained by carrier Cost Determained by carrier Cost Determained by carrier
  Packaging Boxes & Metarials
Packaging Boxes & Metarials  
We will determine which packaging is needed before you start selling your products! The cost will vary depending on the product.
$0.12 - $2.00 $0.12 - $2.00 $0.12 - $2.00
  Oversize Orders
Oversize Orders  
Any item exceeding 18" x 14" x 8" or over 5 LBS considered oversize. Products over 5 LBS please add additional $0.10 per LBS!
$4.50 /order $4.25 /order $4.00 /order
  Minimum Monthly Sale Fee
Minimum Monthly Sale Fee  
For accounts that does NOT reach 30 sales per month requires minimum Fee of $15
  Amazon Consolidation Fee
Amazon Consolidation Fee  
Products that are shipped to ShipBunny via “create removal order” function through your seller central requires consolidation Fee to be able to use our fulfillment service
Standart size $0.50 / Oversize $0.80


Simple Storage Pricing is available below with 3 different Tiers!

Every other SKU requires it's own storage

18" x 18" x 12" or 2.25ft³

48" x 24" x 18" or 12ft³

48" x 40" 55" or 61 ft³

Additional SERVICES

Below services are offered on demand only when you need them!

Container Unloading
$350 for 20' container *
$500 for 40' container *
$550 for 40' HQ container *
This pricing covers all the tasks that are not stated on our price list.
Box Transfer
$4 per Box
(5 boxes minimum)
Picture & Video Service
$10 up to three pictures
$20 up to 1 minute video

* Containers with loose cargo boxes (without pallets) is subject to $20 per pallet fee